Bringing together dedicated products and services to deliver proactive customer management.

Our products and services form an integrated part of our approach to proactive customer management and how we partner with insurers.

What we offer

Analytics services

Campaign enablement  services

Test and learn services

We can work on a project basis, we can work alongside an existing in-house analytics team, or we can provide outsourced analytics services for in-force customer management.


We use advanced analytics and machine learning to recommend the right interventions for the right customers at the right time.

We start with readily available product and servicing data and add more complex data sources over time. Our knowledge as insurance experts allows us to ask the right questions of the data.

Using automated machine learning techniques we get results in a matter of weeks not months.

Key Features

  • IT & data capability
  • Insurance-specific data  science expertise
  • Efficient delivery

Campaign enablement

The value emerges from analytics once it shapes real customer conversations.

Our proprietary CAFE technology suite enables customer management interventions to be managed at scale in a controlled way.

Find out more about CAFE

In addition to the CAFE technology, we have developed a library of Blueprints that form a quick-start tool for designing interventions and campaigns.

Key features

  • An engaging way to enable customer-facing staff and distributors have better conversations with customers
  • Real-time monitoring of interventions
  • Scalable set-up including risk and compliance approvals
  • Ability to plug and play alongside existing systems

Test and learn

Test and learn is needed so that the value creation, the success rates, and the positive impact for customers can be sustained.

We collect and analyse feedback real-time from customers, distributors and customer-facing staff. Using our CAFE suite, collecting this data is both easy and fun for users.

We use statistics, A-B testing, and randomised controlled trial approaches to shape pilots and experiments and ensure that the lessons learned from test and learn are statistically viable.

Key features

  • Feedback data collected from many data sources and made easy for staff to submit
  • Rigorous statistical approach to test and learn
  • Ability to be agile in testing new interactions and experimenting

Meet CAFE.

Our proprietary platform

CAFE enables customer interaction campaigns to be run in a scalable and controlled way. Without it, insurers resort to manual processes and spreadsheet lists of customers.

Unlike some of the major CRM and workflow systems that require significant configuration and development, CAFE is designed exclusively around management of existing customers.

It is therefore largely plug and play ready, easy to use, and can integrate with your existing systems.

Three core applications:

Customer view
A single customer view linking data from existing insurer data sources and systems
A workflow for the interventions and captures feedback from customer interactions
Real-time insights into the performance of campaigns

The benefits of working from our CAFE system are:

Focused exclusively on better management of existing customers – not a general system that requires significant tailoring

Largely plug and play – minimal configuration and can integrate into existing systems

Has the relevant compliance and controls processes built in as required for insurers

Simple and easy to use – great feedback from end-users

Captures the real-time feedback and usage data needed to make test and learn work

The more you use it, the smarter it can become in recommending the right actions for the right customer at the right time

What our users are saying

"It's really easy to use CAFE ... it's simple and does what we need"

Jonny & Caitlin – Customer agents using CAFE

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