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Going EAST for guidance

Improving ‘customer intimacy’ is a core objective in many insurers’ strategy these days. We discussed this at our recent client event. It is a lofty goal, of course, but many of the insurer participants felt that as an industry we are, unfortunately, still a long way from achieving this goal. Despite having mountains of risk […]

Can AI manage my customers better?

We were asked this question by an insurer.  This was in the context of whether AI and Machine learning (ML) has advanced to the level that it can be dropped in, and work out for itself how and where to improve the management of existing insurance customers. This is unfortunately more marketing hype than reality today.  […]

CAFE Platform 2.0 launched!

What is the inforcehub CAFE Platform? The inforcehub CAFE Platform does not serve cappuccino, expresso or lattes but it is a place to build relationships similar to what you would do with friends or colleagues at your favourite local café. Our CAFE Platform empowers insurers to build better relationships with their existing customer base without […]

We are hiring

Things seem to be heating up. We are seeing the demand grow quickly for our blend of technology, analytics and services. Our goal is still the same: Enabling the industry to build better relationships with their existing customers It seems an increasing number of insurers around the globe agree. Growing the team We need to […]

Inforcehub recognised as an Impact 25 insurtech company

We are very proud to be recognised by Oxbow Partners as one of this year’s Impact 25 insurtech companies. The Oxbow Partners report captures well what we do as a business, blending data science, technology and services to improve engagement with existing customers. We are on a mission to re-engage life insurers with their existing […]

Christmas message

As we finish the year, a big thank you to all who contributed to our success and supported us in 2018! With your help we achieved: 3 of the largest global insurers now amongst our customers 10+ campaigns with success rates far in excess of what had been achieved to date Our CAFE platform was […]

Top 3 lessons actuaries can teach data scientists

This follows on from our previous post about the Top 3 things data science can teach actuaries.  This time, we flip it over to look at what actuaries can teach data scientists in return. 1. Making room for business judgement Data science techniques have the benefit of being scientific, objective and rigorous. The results are what […]

Top 3 things data science can teach actuaries

Actuaries and data scientists are similar in many ways. In a sense, actuaries were the original data scientists within the insurance industry. But in the last couple of decades, data science has accelerated and leap-frogged the actuarial profession in a number of technical areas. There is a lot that actuaries can learn from data scientists […]

New website launch

A quick update, a new website launch, and a thank you … Business update 18 months in, our business at inforcehub has been doing well We now have 4 major insurers that have used our services and technology, including 3 major global insurers We have built and are continuing to invest in our CAFE suite […]

A prediction for in-force management

“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” (Mark Twain misquote) The European life and pensions market continues to receive a lot of interest from the closed-book consolidators, long-term investors and family offices looking for long-term secure cashflows. On the face of it, there is a lot of potential for old life and pensions books to […]

An illusion – the ‘Next Best Action’

In customer management, the “next best action” is a recommendation to staff on the most relevant next conversation to have with each customer – the next product or service they are likely to require. It is usually determined by analytics and machine learning. The ‘next best action’ promises much to insurers hoping to engage better with their in-force customer base. We […]

Is ‘consent’ the best approach for insurers?

With the May 2018 deadline for GDPR implementation fast approaching, we will see a mad rush among organisations to get ready. Most visible will be the push to get or renew consent from consumers. If you are a retailer, there is little reason to keep hold of personal data after a transaction, but consent will allow you […]

Geneva Association latest research

This week, the Geneva Association published a major study about how life insurers are dealing with the sustained low interest rate environment. The paper follows many months work including a survey of a number of major insurers into what actions they are taking, including what they are doing on in-force management. You can download the full ‘Low for […]

Betting on AI or IA?

Let’s start with some definitions: The AI (Artificial Intelligence) camp believes the future of computing is autonomous systems such as robots that can be taught to imitate/replace human cognitive functions The IA (Intelligence Augmentation) camp believes that information technology can supplement and support human thinking, analysis, and planning, but leave the human at the centre […]

Dating advice for insurers selling closed-books

The problem insurers have with dating There is much hype and interest in the sale of closed life insurance books. And there is an active dating scene between investors with funds to invest, and insurers with closed books of business they might want to offload. But with the exception of the US and UK, most […]

The in-force as a strategic asset

A strategy is only as good as its ability to build a real competitive advantage. And ideally that competitive advantage should be sustained over the long term. It is easy to see why Insurtech and Digital disruption, on paper at least, could be a challenge too far for incumbent life and pension insurers: Revenue margins […]

End-to-end data analytics

Data science can significantly improve the management of in-force customers.  In the process it can also add significant value for the shareholder. But many insurers (and banks) have struggled with data analytics. Progress has been slower than data experts hired from other industries would have predicted. Here are two of the common pitfalls: The ‘we need to organise […]

Re-engaging insurance customers

In this blog we discuss the first of the five pillars in-force management at insurers. Insurance is often said to be ‘sold, not bought’. If that makes for a reluctant start to a customer relationship, are insurers trying hard enough to turn this feeling around once the policy is ‘in-force’? Historically, the answer is almost certainly […]

Five pillars of in-force management

This is how at inforcehub we look at the discipline of in-force management at insurers. The five pillars represent the different types of levers that can be pulled to create additional value from the in-force. Within each of these five pillars there are many different levers that life insurers can use – around 100 levers […]

Iceberg mining

We find this analogy useful. We think you will too… In-force management is like mining for valuable minerals. There is significant value in the in-force business to be uncovered that can benefit both shareholders and customers. But it is hidden today, and requires specialist skills and some determination to get at it. But unlike mining in […]

Defining in-force management

In-force management is still a young discipline in insurance. In this post we tackle a question we hear from those who are still a little confused by what in-force management really is … “What is in-force management?” Our definition: In-force management is the discipline of pro-active management of existing insurance policies and customers (a.k.a. the […]

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