About us

Passionate about better customer relationships.

We make it easier, cheaper and faster for insurers to build strong, deep and profitable relationships with their existing customers.

We focus on interventions that will improve both profitability for the insurer, and outcomes for the customer.

At inforcehub we share a passion to change the way the insurance industry deals with its most valuable asset: its existing customer base.

Why inforcehub

Life insurers and pensions companies create a long-standing relationships with customers, often through intermediaries, but have few customer interactions.

As a result, insurers often lose touch over time with the changing needs and circumstances of their existing customers.

This is bad for customer outcomes and bad for profitability.

We have shown that proactive customer management, done in the right way, allows insurers to build deeper relationships with existing customers, resulting in significantly better profitability, more satisfied customer-facing staff and great customer satisfaction.

Who we are

“We have proven that responsible use of the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, really does help insurers identify the right conversation to have with the right customer at the right time.”

“We use technology and machine learning to make this faster, cheaper and more effective for the insurer.”

Michel Abbink



What we do

Working in partnership with insurers and distributors, we carry out a programme of customer interactions to deepen relationships.

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Why us?

We deliver a significant improvement in customer engagement, and a strong return on investment

We have deep roots in the insurance industry and experience of designing customer interventions that are very successful

Our approach and technology allows insurers to get started today, irrespective of the current state of your systems and data

We are committed to long-term partnerships with insurers where our commercial interests are aligned with success

What our customers say

"The best investment I've ever made was hiring inforcehub. The ROI has been amazing."

John Smith – CEO, Insurance Company

A selection of our customers

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