We are hiring

Things seem to be heating up. We are seeing the demand grow quickly for our blend of technology, analytics and services.

Our goal is still the same:

Enabling the industry to build better relationships with their existing customers

It seems an increasing number of insurers around the globe agree.

Growing the team

We need to expand our team with people who want to work with an energetic team, and would be at their best working in a flexible startup environment. We are currently hiring in two key roles:

1. Client-facing roles

We are expanding our client-facing team that leads all the work we do in partnership with our insurance clients.  This team leads on the analytics work, designs and sets up the existing customer campaigns, supports clients in using our software, and manages the client relationship and our joint projects. Ultimately the client-facing team are responsible for whether we and our insurance partners are successful together.

The sweet-spot is people who have a combination of skills: comfortable dealing with clients; organised and able to manage a small project team; understand insurance; have an aptitude, or at least an interest, in using data analytics and machine learning. If you can code, even better, but we will train the analytics technical skills needed on the job.

2. DevOps and data engineering tech roles

We deploy our CAFE platform of software applications and data science tools on Microsoft Azure. We are looking for an individual with DevOps skills, to own our Azure infrastructure stack, and develop further, and maintain the security of the stack. We manage infrastructure as code.

Data science and analytics is a core part of what we do. We want to strengthen our bench with a person with strong data engineering skills including SQL and Python. We have a long list of data science initiatives within the business that will require these more technical data engineering skills.

How we work at InforceHub

InforceHub is headquartered in the UK, but we have a remote working model for the team.  We value flexibility, and use technology wherever we can to stay connected as a team and work with our clients. But in return for this flexibility we need staff who are self-starters and feel accountable for the work, clients and projects they are leading.

We are an experienced and dynamic team. We spend a lot of time on knowledge sharing and ensuring we stay connected. This is better for the team. It helps us cover clients more effectively. It has also generated some great ideas which we are turning into technology and products.

Our client set is now global. Many of these insurers can be managed remotely. But travel is required from time to time and the frequency depends upon the role. This might be typically 20-30% on the road for client-facing staff and travel once a month for more technical staff.

We use the latest tools and technology, applying it to the insurance market. For example we have a partnership with DataRobot, for automated machine learning activities.

We will be flexible on location, work hours and also part-time work.

Get in touch

If what we do sounds of interest, we would like to hear from you. Please do get in touch. We don’t bite.

Contact Matt.