Inforcehub recognised as an Impact 25 insurtech company

We are very proud to be recognised by Oxbow Partners as one of this year’s Impact 25 insurtech companies.

The Oxbow Partners report captures well what we do as a business, blending data science, technology and services to improve engagement with existing customers.

We are on a mission to re-engage life insurers with their existing customer base and it is fantastic to get independent recognition of this. There are two big bets that we have build our business around:

  1. That insurers need to change from being passive and transactional, to being proactive and relevant towards their existing customers
  2. That data analytics and technology are vital to achieve this. But, today, few insurers have all the capabilities in-house to bring together the tech, the analytics, the people and the processes and make it happen.

Thanks to those who have supported us and helped us grow over the last year.

You can read the full Oxbow Partners Impact 25 report here.

The two pager summary on Inforcehub can be found here.

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