We enable insurers to build better relationships with their existing customer base.

Inforcehub is an InsurTech that partners with insurers who have an ambition to be leaders in customer management.

Benefits for Insurers

Working in partnership with insurers, we design and carry out a programme of customer interactions that will improve both profitability for the insurer, and outcomes for the customer.

Inforcehub recognised as an Impact 25 insurtech company

Working with inforcehub gives insurers three key benefits: 

Better customer conversations 
Initiating the right conversation at the right time is crucial to building stronger relationships. Using machine learning and advanced analytics, we ensure that interactions are tailored to customers’ current needs and circumstances. Done correctly this unlocks significant commercial value for the insurer too.
The tools and techniques to get started easily
Many insurers are constrained by current systems, data and processes. Our CAFE technology, and machine-learning can be plugged-in easily. Customer-facing staff and distributors get simple and clear actions recommended to them each day.
Continuous improvement
Our test and learn approach ensures that the positive impact on customer outcomes can be sustained and improved. We capture feedback from every customer interaction. We pilot different approaches. We use statistics and campaign science to keep improving success rates.

The value that we bring

A significant improvement in customer engagement and loyalty, and a strong return on investment

Key Features

Analytics services to identify customers most suited to an intervention

Campaign tools and technology to carry out interventions in a controlled environment and support interactions with customers

Test and learn approaches to identify improvements and scaling of successful interventions

Meet CAFE.

CAFE enables customer interaction campaigns to be run in a scalable and controlled way. Without it, insurers resort to manual processes and spreadsheet lists of customers.

A selection of our customers

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